Wednesday, December 26, 2007

M'Cheyne's One Year Bible Reading Chart

The New Year is upon us and it is time for individuals to start planning their Bible reading.

One of the most popular one year Bible reading programs was done by M'Cheyne. A printable chart of this program is located here.

One of the best resources is the two volume set 'For the Love of God' by D.A. Carson.  These books follow the M'Cheyne plan and provide commentary to the readings.

I posted a little more about this plan in my post Bible Before Blogdom.

Between Two Worlds has two good related links For the Love of God and the M'Cheyne Daily Bible Reading Calendar.

Also check out Bible Intake 2008 from Gazing at Glory.

Crossway the publishers of the ESV Bible have 8 Bible reading plans. The ESV Blog relates that you can read each plan on the web, through RSS, by email, or print out the reading schedule and tuck it in your Bible.


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