Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I read this book several years ago Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-air. The book is written by Francis J. Beckwith and Greg Koukl and it discusses Relativism on what I would term a lay level. Anyone could benefit from reading this book, which by the way is a fast read, and I highly recommend it. You should also visit Stand to Reason a site that is Mr. Koukl's web prescence. Tim Challies selected The Stand to Reason Blog as his blog's King for a Week on 11-25-07.

I am sure there are other reviews of the book but you can start with these:

The Discerning Reader

World Reformed Fellowship

Again this is a wonderful resource.



Anonymous said...

"Feet planted firmly in mid-air." - That's a good expression! I've seen another like it, with regards to postmodernism and cultural relativism: "Apparently the point is to become so open-minded that your brain falls out of your skull."

RC said...

The one thing in the book that stuck with me the most is the suggestion the authors made about truth. They said if someone tells you there is no real truth just ask them if that is the truth. Thanks for stopping by.