Monday, December 17, 2007

Bible Reading Challenge Schedule

Here is my schedule for completing the Said at Southern Seminary Bible Reading Challenge. I will keep you posted daily on my progress along with my thoughts regarding the readings. My posting is more of an exercise to help motivate myself to finish the Challenge, but maybe it will assist someone. I will be using a Bible Reading Chart furnished by Tony Kummer at Said at Southern Seminary. It is a useful chart. Without further discussion here is my chart:

New Testament: 18 Hours, 1080 minutes, ESV 279 Pages
Old Testament: 57 Hours, 3420 minutes, ESV 968 Pages

The plan calls for an individual to begin reading January 1 and finish by January 31, but I am beginning today. By beginning today, 12-17-07, that gives me 46 days to complete the Challenge. Through simple math I can determine my daily reading amount:

New Testament: 24 minutes, 6 pages
Old Testament: 75 minutes, 21 pages

Total daily reading 27 pages with an estimated elapsed time of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

I will keep you posted.

May this challenge encourage me to complete my reading of the Bible by January 31, 2008.

For a good one year bible reading plan and related resources refer to this post.


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