Saturday, December 15, 2007

What a Great Idea: Using a Pew Bible as Your Primary Study Bible

Richard at the Puritan Board forum writes about using a pew Bible as his primary Bible. His post makes a lot of sense and has made me decide to purchase one for myself. I think if you read his post you will probably be persuaded to purchase one as well.


Via: ESV Blog


ErikC said...

Well, so here is your blog! I'm the guy at Mardel that you gave your blog address to. I'm at home right now waiting for my semester grades and recouperating [sic] from a slight case of pneumonia. As far as the pew bibles go, I am starting to like hardback bibles a lot better now because they last a LOT longer than the leather ones(although I still have my first leather bible for sentimental reasons.). Good blog! I'll be back!


RC said...

Thanks for stopping by Erik. Sorry I have not made it back over to your blog, but I have been busy. I will visit it again soon.