Sunday, December 2, 2007

Meet Kevin Bauder

Kevin Bauderis the President of Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Plymouth, Minnesota a suburb of Minneapolis. The two Baptist gentlemen I appreciate the most are Dr. Bauder and Dr. Mohler. I am sure there are others, so please direct me to them. I am Presbyterian, but I am foremost Reformed. I did not mean to insinuate that there were a couple of Baptist that I surprisingly liked.

You can receive a newsletter, via e-mail, from him entitled In the Nick of Time. I enjoy it.

I get tired of plugging Scott Aniol's blog, Religious Affections, but he has a wonderful post with a link to an address by Kevin Bauder entitled Imagining God. Mr. Aniol I had my tongue firmly planted in cheek when I said I grew tired of plugging your blog.

If you have not already met Dr. Bauder I suggest you do. He actually gave me some good advice via e-mail and I am thankful to him.


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