Friday, December 21, 2007

Those Daring Young Somnambulists and Their Flying Machines

Are you a Somnambulist?
Are you living in a state of spiritual sleep?
Are you deluded into thinking you are saved, but sadly only fooling yourself?

That is the question Spurgeon asks his listener in his sermon: "A Christmas Question". The text can be found at The Spurgeon Archive and the audio was made available by Sermon Audio.

A few quotes from the sermon:

"Or to vary the picture; sometimes when persons are asleep, they take to walking and they will climb where others will not think of venturing. Giddy heights that would turn our brain seem safe enough to them. So there be many spiritual sleep-walkers in our midst, who think that they are awake. But they are not. Their very presumption in venturing to the high places of self-confidence, proves that they are somnambulists; not awake, but men who walk and talk in their sleep. It is, then, I say, really a matter of serious questioning with all men who would be right at last, as to whether this child is born to us, and this Son given to us?"

"I have seen the men about whose eternal destiny I had serious questioning, whose inconsistencies in life were palpable and glaring, who have prated concerning their sure portion in Israel, and their infallible hope, as though they believed others to be as easily duped as themselves."

May the sermon test and strengthen my faith.


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Roger said...

I like your Bible verse of the week (Psalm 19:14). It reminds me of that song "Rivers of Babylon".

Sorry for the off-topic comment.