Friday, November 16, 2007

What Makes a Good Blog Post?

If one has begun a blog, assuming one wants a moderate level of readership, there is a need for the posts on the blog to garner attention. The posts need to have qualities that make them worthy enough to read. I have recently made the acquaintance of one Mr. Charlie Albright who is the proprietor of the Renewing Thoughts blog ( To me his blog is a wonderful blog which glorifies God, although he did post a prayer from the book Valley of Vision yesterday which I was contemplating doing in the not so distant future. Scratch that idea. I have to admit, though, when reading blog posts if they are more than a few paragraphs I tend to lose focus. I am a product of the instant gratification society that we live in today. The esteemed Phil Johnson, (, posted an article Quick-and-Dirty Calvinism in which he discussed the ill behavior of some Calvinists on the internet. One statement he made was very appropriate to our discussion of a good blog post.

Phil Johnson in his post Quick and Dirty Calvinism: (

I recently received an e-mail inquiry that is all too typical of what I have observed for years among Internet Calvinists. Someone whom I do not know and whose name I will not divulge wrote me to ask:

"Can you explain in one paragraph or less how to make sense of the distinction you make between the "decretive" and "preceptive" aspects of God's will? Please don't give me a reading list of books and articles. One paragraph. One sentence if you can do it. Because the whole idea seems loony to me. So far, no one has been able to describe it in a way that makes any sense. I don't have time to read 10 volumes of dead guys' reflections in Puritan prose. And don't refer me to Pipers article on the subject. It's too long and convoluted. I just want a short answer."

To this question Mr. Johnson quips: "Right. The quick and dirty approach to untangling the mysteries of the universe. "

Untangling the mysteries of a universe created by the Triune God can not be done quickly. In fact in my present state I could never untangle the mystery, but I can work diligently to understand it as much as my mortal mind can.

Short and Concise may not be than answer. If a blogger produces a wonderful paper discussing a specific doctrine, but the reader deems the article to be too long who is at fault?

For me personally what makes a blog post good is the outcome it garners. If it glorifies God it is a good post.

May my posts glorify God.


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