Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mohler on Marriage

"Marriage is not primarily about what we as individuals think we want or need. It is about a central public commitment that the society needs, that couples need, that children need, and yes, that the spouses need. Marriage is a public institution, not merely a private commitment. It identifies the couple as a pair committed to lifelong marriage and thus to be respected in this commitment. The fact that our society has weakened marriage offers only further incentive to get it right and to strengthen this vital institution."

Dr. Albert Mohler

May we as Christians get marriage right.

May I, with God's help, become a better spouse to my wife.


From his blogpost: Does Marriage Matter?

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The Reformed Pastor said...

That is such a counter culture statement. Marrying for the good of others! Marriage is just suppose to be about me! Sadly, even for Christians it is easy to fall into worldly thinking.