Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Free Scripture Memory Song From the Blazing Center

Memorization through song is a tried and true technique. Some adults still have a hard time reciting their ABCs without singing them. I for one need to focus on Scripture Memorization in 2008. The Altrogge's of the Blazing Center Blog are kindly giving away a free downloadable Scripture memory song.

Stop by their blog and download the song and while you are their thank them. I know I will. Also be sure and pass the link along to your friends.

They also offer 7 albums worth of Scripture memory songs.

On the site where the albums can be purchased they expouse why we should memorize scripture.

May I make it one of my endeavors to memorize more Scripture in 2008.



Stephen Altrogge said...


Thanks for linking to our blog. I'm glad you find the scripture memory songs helpful. May 2008 be your best scripture memory year yet!

RC said...

Thanks again for the free download. Thanks for stopping by.