Thursday, January 3, 2008

Francis A. Schaeffer and the Moral Majority

It is probably a rare thing to read Francis Schaeffer and the Moral Majority in the same sentence, but I recently read his book A Christian Manifesto and he made some insightful points regarding the Moral Majority which I thought were worth posting. On a side note A Christian Manifesto is a wonderful book discussing a proper Christian worldview and is worth a read.

The first is in regards to the treatment of the Moral Majority by the media. It is a good short critique of the media's worldview in general:

"Some of us may perhaps have some questions about the Moral Majority and some of the things they have said. But I would say one thing we certainly must do is get our information about anything like the Moral Majority not from the secular media, which so largely have the same humanistic perspective as the rest of culture have today. If we are going to make judgments on any such subject we must not get our final judgments uncritically from media that see things from this perspective and see it that way honestly. Most of the media do not have to be dishonest to slide things in their own direction because they see through the spectacles of a finally relativistic set of ethical personal and social standards."

In the second quote he discusses the one thing they have certainly done right:

"Returning to the Moral Majority, we must realize that regardless of whether we think the Moral Majority has always said the right things or whether we do not, or whether we think they have made some mistakes or whether we do not, they have certainly done one thing right: they have used the freedom we still have in the political arena to stand against the other total entity. They have carried the fact that law is king, law is above the lawmakers, and God is above the law into this area of life where it always should have been. And this is a part of true spirituality.

The Moral Majority has drawn a line between the one total view of reality and the other total view of reality and the results this brings forth in government and law. And if you personally do not like some of the details of what they have done, do it better. But you must understand that all Christians have got to do the same kind of thing or you are simply not showing the Lordship of Christ in the totality of life."

May I view the world through the lens of the Bible and not view the Bible through the lens of the world.

May I strive to defend the Biblical worldview.

May I show the Lordship of Christ in the totality of my life.


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