Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saved From Who

"That we are shocked by the idea that we are saved from God reveals two crucial shortcomings in our understanding. We fail to understand who God is, and we fail to understand who we are. Our view of God is too low, and our view of mankind is too high".

- R.C. Sproul, Saved From What?, p. 27.

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Shepherd said...

I remember hearing a story told by R.C. Sproul that went something like this: R.C. was walking around on a college campus one day and a zealous young Christian walked up to him and asked him out of the blue if he was saved. R.C. said "saved from what?" The young Christian fumbled for an answer. He hadn't thought that part through.

R.C.'s point is a good one that we are not just saved from our sins, but from God's wrath. Both aspects of salvation are important.

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Rachel said...

Post more!

RC said...

Thanks Rachel I needed a little push. I will try to get moving again. I look forward to reading your blog.