Friday, December 19, 2008

The High Cost of Being Cool

Mohler discusses the Rick Warren/Obama media storm as only Mohler can.

"It doesn't take much. We would all like to be considered cool. Cultural opposition is a tough challenge and bearing public hatred is a hard burden. Being cool means being considered mainstream, acceptable, and admirable. Believing that same-sex marriage is wrong is enough to turn "uncool" in an instant, at least in many circles."

"Rick Warren has just found himself in the midst of a whirlwind. We must pray that God will give him wisdom as he decides what to do -- and what to say -- as he stands in this whirlwind. But every evangelical Christian should watch this carefully, for the controversy over Rick Warren will not stop with the pastor from Saddleback. This whirlwind is coming for you and for your church. At some point, the cost of being "cool" will be the abandonment of biblical Christianity. We had better decide well in advance that this is a cost far too high to pay."

Recently my wife was referred to as a militant for a decision she had made. She is a militant not because of that decision, but because of her decision to attend and support a church that is unwilling to pay the high cost to be cool.

May we stand as Christian Brothers and Sisters to defend Biblical Christianity.


The High Cost of Being (and Staying) Cool -- Rick Warren in a Whirlwind

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